Yoginis are from Venus, Yogis are from Mars

First of all, happy summer solstice, the day with the highest light intensity of the year in the Northern Hemisphere!

I’d like to talk about male yoga practitioners (yogis) and teachers and female yoga practitioners (yoginis) and teachers, and some of the overall impressions I have observed.  Does the masculine energy of male teachers (the yin, the animus) promote a stronger, bigger, and more external practice, while the feminine energy of female teachers (the yang, the anima) promotes form, spiritual, and inward-focused practice? Continue reading “Yoginis are from Venus, Yogis are from Mars”

Is yoga religious?

Yup.  I first came to yoga in 2006 so I could get a six-pack.  Now, me and my flat stomach hit the mat in pursuit of something higher.

Yoga was born during an era called the Vedic period (estimated 1700-3000 BC), alongside Hinduism, and has continued evolving to this day.  Today, we really focus on the exercise aspect of yoga, the poses (asanas).  But there are reasons for that; we are becoming distracted and immobile, thanks in part to technology, industrialism, and urbanism.

Yoga has

Last night a yogi saved my life.

Welcome to my yoga blog!  Yoga saved my life.  I’m here to share my personal experiences and journey through this ancient art and science that is sweeping the Western world.  Like a dance craze, but so much deeper.  It’s a body-mind-soul thing.  Come for the exercise – stay for the brand new life.