There’s no turning back!

Don’t you love those profound, life-changing moments or realizations, during which you know that there’s no turning back?  When something shifts inside, and you evolve.  You grow.  Maybe it’s a personal revelation, maybe it’s a physical challenge overcome, maybe it’s something small, or maybe it’s a massive, spiritual awakening.   

These can happen down in the subway too.

T.K.V. Desikachar, in his book The Heart Of Yoga, writes:  “When we find a way to bend the body forward and touch our toes, or learn the meaning of the word yoga with the help of a text, or gain more understanding of ourselves or others through a discussion, we have reached a point where we have never been before.  Each of these movements and changes is yoga.”

He talks of yoga as a change in one’s state.  That makes sense.  Why does yoga exist?  Why practice yoga?  Why was it created?  Perhaps as a system for change, or to achieve something, such as knowledge and a new level of physical health.  One of the more common definitions of yoga is “to unite”.  Perhaps it means a union between the physical body and the mind, or between ourselves and “the Universe”, or body with breath.  Or all of these things, resulting in a new and improved state of being.

Back to those profound, life-changing moments….

I was about to list a bunch of my own here; lessons I received as a result of my yoga practice since 2006.  Suffice it to say it involves a TON of empowerment, joy, and growth!

My point really is that you can bring your wants, needs, complaints, demands, and curiosity to yoga.  Whatever they may be.  Yoga will respond to you the way you need it to, and it may even feel kind of like magic after a short while.  Additionally, your attachments to things (which makes you want) may soon start to ease off.  I start off my classes inviting students to individually and silently “set an intention” for their class (i.e. what do you want?), because I believe that that is literally asking for its manifestation.  At the very least, setting an intention opens you up to receiving something.  Or, it simply reminds you to cut through the noise and come back to what’s important to you.  It’s like one of those circles that musicians, actors, or dancers form before going on stage (joining hands and motivating each other with love and support).  They want something specific to happen.

In case you didn’t know, there’s gentle yoga, hard yoga, introspective yoga, and mind-clearing yoga.  Something for everyone and everything.  If you like to read, you can always start with a popular yoga book or search “beginner yoga” on YouTube.  Get a yoga mat, and get on with it!  If you have a mat, then use it every day to make that change.

Here is a music track that, to me, sounds like a life gathering momentum.  Can you hear it too?



Author: Ian Batt

Yoga blogger and digital marketing & commerce guy.

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