Peace on this day

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s been forever since my last post. I’ve missed you, my readers and yogis.

2014 saw my return to a marketing career in the natural products industry, and a departure from teaching yoga. I tried doing both, but in the end, it was too hard to balance. Making money won out! We all have to plan for our future.

Yoga remains a big part of my life. The physical practice, the yamas and niyamas, and prayanama mostly. I branched out into tantra yoga and kundalini this fall too, because I do need to attack some energetic issues in me.

Today, I woke up back in the bedroom where I grew up, in Winnipeg. I did a yin practice inspired by something I saw on Facebook today, followed by 6 sun salutations. Ate, then did a “legs day” workout using only body weight resistance. Yes, I’ve rediscovered gym workouts and personal training this year, and it has really boosted my yoga practice by improving my core and upper body strength.

Company is here, and I need to run and start my Christmas co-hosting duties.

I wish everyone a beautiful holiday season and a prosperous, fun, even exciting 2015. I’m superstitious…every New Year’s I like to be in the tropics and surrounded by high energy, smiling when the clock strikes 12:00. It’s part of how I set my dreams and intentions for the coming 12 months.


Author: Ian Batt

Yoga blogger and digital marketing & commerce guy.

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