Sometimes even just moving can be hard

We made it through another “Blue Monday”, an unofficial holiday deemed to be, scientifically, the worst day of the year. Heard of it? It’s always the third Monday in January. The holiday fun is over, the Northern Hemisphere is having its coldest weather, credit card bills are horrifying, and resolutions are just a memory. (Yes, the packed yoga classes of yester-week are already returning to normal levels.) Spring and summer are SO far away. And let’s not forget, Valentine’s Day with all its cruel expectations and reminders to us single guys and gals that “there you are, another year older and single“, is bearing down on us quickly. Blue Monday is, simply, sad.

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Yoga life lessons: 2006 to 2014

I am capable.
I have been controlled by body image issues my whole life.
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From drained to sustained

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Being liberated, and in the moment

I usually start off my yoga classes with instructions like “bring your awareness to your breath”, “deepen your breath”, and “touch your heart”.  What I am really trying to do is invoke a powerful state of being in you.  A state that started arriving in my life about six years ago.  That state being the here and now, the present.  It took years for me to settle in to here and now.

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