20 ways to get the benefits of “mindfulness”

Your rewards for practicing mindfulness every day are mental, physical, metaphysical, emotional and sensual. Go get ’em!

Do at least one of these easy-peasy “mindful” practices every single day, because experiencing the right now, mindfully, makes you better. Get that state of mind that ultimately lets you lead the life you want to. It’s neuroscience. Continue reading “20 ways to get the benefits of “mindfulness””

Being liberated, and in the moment

I usually start off my yoga classes with instructions like “bring your awareness to your breath”, “deepen your breath”, and “touch your heart”.  What I am really trying to do is invoke a powerful state of being in you.  A state that started arriving in my life about six years ago.  That state being the here and now, the present.  It took years for me to settle in to here and now.

Here are a few highlights from my own journey to the here and now:   Continue reading “Being liberated, and in the moment”